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Over 30 years of business, industry and investment success. Liberty Group, Inc.

Michael A. Liberty - Biography:

Michael A. Liberty has been a serial entrepreneur and a successful business executive for more than 30 years in industries ranging from real estate, textile, retail merchandising and manufacturing to entertainment, the Internet and wireless technology. In 1980, Mr. Liberty founded Liberty Group Inc., which has grown to become one of the largest and most successful real estate holding companies in the New England area. Its subsidiary, American Housing Preservation Corporation, is a leader in the subsidized housing industry with a portfolio of more than 10,000 units in 18 states, valued at more than $600 million. In 1985, Michael Liberty was nominated by President Reagan as one of the Outstanding Young Men of America.

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Michael A. Liberty hosts reception for Wal-Mart founder's daughter, billionaire Alice Walton

Like a lot of folks from rural states, Alice Walton says Maine reminds her of home, which in her case is Arkansas. Walton, however, is not like a lot of folks. She has $4.7 billion, the Walton name and an investment bank ready to help midsized businesses. So when she takes a liking to a place, it draws a lot of attention. She got plenty of attention Monday night at a private reception in her honor in Portland. At the event hosted by Michael Liberty, the Gray investor and real estate developer, Walton met with a roomful of Maine deal-makers at Maria's restaurant.


Michael A. Liberty and Alice Walton work together to save hundreds of jobs in Maine

Michael Liberty and Alice Walton save hundreds of jobs in MaineWalton has helped Michael Liberty and others save 400 jobs in Waterville, and another 370 in Biddeford by helping to secure a combination of public and private investment to buy two factories that had been put up for sale by large corporations. When Michael Liberty became involved in trying to save Hathaway, and later Biddeford Textile, he called on his friend. "Obviously, she brought a great deal of credibility to our effort," Liberty said. "Alice has helped us focus, too. She's made us make sure our cost structure was appropriate to be successful."


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